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NSF RCN Global Coal Transitions Network — Year 1 Workshop (Durham, UK; Poznań & Konin, Poland)

Photo dump from site visits to a coal-fired power plant and a coal mine in Konin, Poland, on day 4 of a workshop bringing together social science researchers working on coal and energy transitions (if you’re on the desktop site, click or drag the photos to see the full images.)

The workshop was part 1 of a three-year research collaboration network funded by the NSF. Read more about the network here:

It was an inspiring week with an incredible group of people. Thanks especially to PIs Max Woodworth and Jeffrey Jacquet, and Aleksandra Lis and Sarah Knuth for organising the days, and props to J. Mijin Cha and Andrew Curley for being my photographic muses. Already looking forward to the Year 2 conference in Columbus, Ohio in July 2024 (and get in touch if you’re interested to join or hear more).

I also took the opportunity to finally update this website—so below is a compendium of random things from over the years, which I’ll add to as I get the chance.