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This page is intended as a mix of 1. creative things I’ve tried with teaching and 2. celebrating my students’ work.

CLASS ZINE — Objectively speaking: Telling our migration stories through objects at NUS Museum

For my AY22/23 Honours-level class GE4236: Geographies of Migration, I collaborated with NUS Museum and NUS Baba House to design a set of field trips that introduced students to material cultures and embodied histories of migration. Through two museum tours and a zine workshop, students explored their own stories of migration in relation to the collective stories (and erasures) of exhibits on Peranakan and Singaporean history, using reflective and creative methodologies.

As part of their assessment, students produced collages exploring these resonances by pairing an object from the museum with an object that reflects their own personal and family stories of migration. A group of the students and I have collected these collages into a class zine, which they have given the title ‘Objectively speaking’, and which is accessible here.

My special thanks go to Clara Ang (NUS Baba House) and Rie Ong and Samantha Rin (NUS Museum) for a really insightful and meaningful collaboration.