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Field trip — Hengyang, Hunan, China

It’s been a year for unexpected field trips — this time with second year undergraduates from Guangzhou University’s geography program during my extended visit to GZU’s Centre for Human Geography and Urban Development this autumn.

Together, we rode the old 绿皮车 ‘green-skin’ slow train; learned about the important work on intangible cultural heritage by geography colleagues at Hengyang Normal University; (futilely) attempted to disentangle the Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian influences at the Great Temple of Nanyue; climbed (or rather strolled a paved road up) sacred Mount Heng, one of China’s Five Great Mountains; burned our mouths on the aromatic but **spicy** Hunan cuisine; and burned the midnight oil with students preparing for their research presentations on the final day.

Alongside our group activities, the students were tasked with undertaking a mini research project in three days, and they blew me away with their dedication, ingenuity, teamwork, persistence and style. 

I had a lot of fun exploring this new city, hearing about what excites and ails students today, and above all learning from the wonderful teaching crew — Yuan Zhenjie, Yang Rong, Teng Li & Chen Xiaoyue. I am so thankful that they allowed me join them.